Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The slidelamp I made for Bill & Shannie

The slidelamp I made for Bill & Shannie. I love the wood against the slides. I think I might paint the slides next time.
I made a bigger one that had a vagina theme for the Vagina Monlogues at PSU. it sold right away. I might start selling more of them on etsy. Not sure. I also want to try sewing them. The basic idea was something I saw years ago, then more recently in ReadyMade. However, the readymade instructions are lacking some key details and good cheats. If you are going to make this, send me a comment and I'll give you some better tips.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

iVag in the Portland Mercury!

The iVag made an appearance in the Portland Mercury, thanks to Ezra- who must have really liked the one I made for Jen. It was the first one ever. The clit button is a dolphin. i keep meaning to send one to Ezra as a thanks for the props. What great props indeed!