Tuesday, March 21, 2006

America bags

I also started another crochet project- making shopping bags out of old plastic shopping bags. It's another idea I found at the ReadyMade blog. I'm calling them 'America Bags" because when Michael touched the first one, he said, "yes, it feels like America." I started two, and I actually didn't have enough bags since Greg and I don't really shop at very many plastic bag places very often, and we both use cloth bags all of the time. The first bag is gonna be really big and is made with whites and blues and yellows. The other is that taupe color which Michael thought was really "doughnut" colored. The taupe one is looking really good. I just need to find more plastic bags. I'll be picking through my friends' bags this weekend. I started doing yoga again last night. It kinda kicked my ass in the moment- but I'm not really sore today thank god. I'm also going to try to steer clear of sugar again. I was so happy when I didn't eat that delicious white death. Oh yummy white death. hmmmm... I'll post updated photos of the bags when/if finished:

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