Monday, March 27, 2006

scrap is awesome!

Michael & I went to
SCRAP 3901A N Williams- in PDX yesterday. I can't believe I have lived so close and never been there before. It is also conveniently located next to Pix Patisserie- purveyors of some of the most deliciously made treats of the white death. (Oh sugar- we battled this weekend and you won. I still love you, sugar.)Anyway, SCRAP is amazing! You really need to see it for yourself, but I found little tins and got them for 2/25 cents. I also got two boxes of photo slides. One set was dedicated to recylcing and will make a wonderful lamp. Michael scored a booklet of sample wood tiles- well "shmood" really. But, they look lovely and the all fit together with a snap-groove, so he started on a large light/shelf/sculpture/wall hanging out of them- picture to come later. He also mostly finished converting an old hi-fi cabinet into a lightbox with handmade paper and copper mesh as a screen. We got a huge sheet of cream-colored handmade paper at SCRAP for a quarter. Cool things we saw at SCRAP included:
memory foam
little tins
foam core
picture frames
handmade paper
upholstery fabric samples
fabric by the yard (for really cheap, too!)
office supplies
scrap metal and wood
ceramic and granite tiles
excitingly random objects.
The place is non-profit and had classes/workshops. Volunteer-based. Go! Go! Go! Support SCRAP!
check out SCRAP's flickr set:

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