Tuesday, April 25, 2006

google labs

Google is dreamy! I just started to futz with their page creator in google labs. Pretty fun!
my new google page

Monday, April 24, 2006

Andy & Jessica

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They got married, er, I married Andy & Jessica this weekend at Andy's family's cabin in "Wherethefuckarewe?", Wa. It was so lovely and everyone was so lovely. I saw more people I love than my brain and my little black heart could handle. Highlights were laughing with the gang, leaving Anneliese there(maybe a lo-light?), dancing like a fool, being proposed to- or at least people asked if I would marry them at any rate, and saying "by the power vested in me by the organized religion of spiritual humanism, I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter brunch bibs

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Kim and I made 20 bibs for the hoard that descended on Bill & Shannie's yesterday. It was so great seeing everyone in their finest, then seeing them in bibs. We also had some devil & monster masks. Anneliese dubbed it the beezlebubbies Easter. Shannon stuffed all of Bill's panties in the pinata she made. It was delightful.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Built to Spill- i like it :)

I bought the new Built to Spill album today and listened to it while I processed library billing at work. Man, it is good. Very soothing, a real continuation of Ancient Melodies of the Future- which I love. Sam Coomes on organ is great, and their new guitarist seems pretty rad as well. I recommend.

You In Reverse Track Listing:
1. "Goin' Against your Mind"
2. "Traces"
3. "Liar"
4. "Saturday"
5. "Wherever You Go"
6. "Conventional Wisdom"
7. "Gone"
8. "Mess With Time"
9. "Just a Habit"
10. "The Wait"

Monday, April 10, 2006

Iggy's catnip feeder

After careful consideration, Michael created this catnip feeder for the already all-too-spoiled Ignacious Gruen. The catnip, which grows like a, er, weed, will poke through the chicken-wire for Iggy to feast on before acting like a crackhead and going bonkers all over the place.

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sunday visit to SCRAP

If you live in PDX, there is no reason you shouldn't visit SCRAP on N. Williams.

We found this really great fabric- also got a panel in green. You can cram a grocery bag full of fabric and the whole thing costs $6!
Michael enlisted my help in arranging these carpet samples on a mat to make a new inside door mat. After I arranged the little squares in a fixated way that was either like a kindergardener or a meth-head, he attached them using construction adhesive. They feel rad to walk on. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 7, 2006

completed America Bag

This is my current favorite style for these things- it's all done crochet in the round- tight single and double crochet for the bottom, top rim, and strap, then a light weave of various, random rows of triple stitches and chain stitches. It's pretty stretchy and sturdy. Great for wine bottles.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

America! never f*ckin' 4get

Heather and I saw this today on the way to school. I don't even know what to say. Actually, wow. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 3, 2006

no more smoking- the end of a grody era

Kim's last smoke? She quit today. I am so proud. Jen D. is next- her quit date is her birthday on April 18th. I'll be celebrating my quit date on my birthday in June. Sometimes i feel like it was magical that I was able to quit. Greg said that I just did a really good job at psyching myself out. I still want to smoke all the time. what a bummer... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Rerun, SCRAP, sewing, crochet, Battlestar Galactica, and croquet!

707 NE Fremont St(503) 517-3786
"A neighborhood consignment store"closed Tuesdays

This is a great little second-hand store that opened in my hood months ago. It used to be this other great place called Mrs. C.'s wigs, but the wig craze in Portland just isn't waht it used to be. Rerun had great fabric scraps waiting for me this weekend as I got started on a new project of the ladies in my friend group- making personalized bibs for everyone for Easter. Pictures coming... Every year my friends get together for the most indulgent and ridiculous feast of heart-stopping food, liquor, and unmentionable etc.s on Easter. No belt is buckled by the end of the day, and we usually end up taking a group nap on the floor while something soothing like Yo La Tengo plays quietly. I'll be submitting pix, and maybe a few recipes, too. We got started on the bibs Friday at Shannon & Bill's house. Shannon and Kim also made the first in a series of four roman blinds for Shannon's bedroom.
On Saturday we visited Greg and Walt at Westmoreland where they were embroiled in the bitter battles of a croquet tournament. They were kicking some senior ass, even while it was raining. Michael and I were both pretty cranky because we stayed up until 4 or 5 am (neither of us is quite sure which) watching the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries/season 1 which came into my hold account at the library. Oh my god! This show is very good. Most of my weekend was actually devoured by it. It was good on a drama level, not just a sci-fi nerd level. It was very intense- especially the miniseries part. Saturday night we watched more episodes and I finally finished both America bags and crocheted yet another cupcake.
Sunday, Kim, Annie and I started with brunch at Colleen's on Burnside. I highly recommend this little spot for any food they make! I had crumpets with a poached egg & bechamel with salad greens and some of the best coffee I've had in a long time. We strolled/rolled up to Hippo Hardware and ooohed and ahhhed over the various fixtures and really lost ourselves in the lighting. After finally escaping that wonderland, we hopped over to SCRAP (which you know I love with my whole heart) and I got some memory foam with the hopes of making some pillows with.
We then explored Pattie's Homeplate in St John's and the NoPo Goodwill. We got a bunch of random things including knitting needles for $1, a lamb-shaped cake mold for $2, a chips and dip bowl-set from the 1960's with an astrlogical theme, and a crocheted baby's outfit to take home and put on the cats. Anneliese and I were laughing so hard I cried while we were sorting through baby clothes for the cats. After settling on the two-piece crochet #, we took it home and tried it on her sweet, sweet Mr. Jefferson. He was purring until it came to the pants part. I think I will just do the cardigan with Iggy, and not by myself. I really wanted to get a dress for him, and Anneliese found a onesie that said "Kiss me, I'm Irish" that made me hysterical when I pictured it on him, but I think it's best to not push him past a cardigan for now. My old wounds just healed. We're going to put all 3 of Kim & Phil's cats in the outfit at the same time if we can.