Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My birthday was the awesomest!

I had the best 32nd birthday party ever! The theme was handmade crafts and tee recons. Oh, and gocco! We also watched old 16mm movies in the backyard and our Super8 movie from Valentine's day that is an animated dance party. In the picture, I'm wearing the shirt that Gail made for me (I blogged about her site earlier.) I'm also wearing the headband linds gave me and man did i ever score about 500 awesome things from my loved ones! I'll post photos soon- the stuff I got really was amazing. Anneliese told me that she almost "bronzed" (found out later she meant spray paint) cat turds for me. What an A-hole! Phil got me R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, which turns out to be as sad as it is funny and confusing and just plain insane. I fell asleep before the part with the midget crapping himself, though- so it could get really good. I feel like I need to play catch-up with my blog! So much has happened. I started my internship at Nike- that's for another entry alltogether. I came up with the next ideas for a couple of shorts for the gang to shoot this summer. Also, Claw and I started going again with Hey Hooker- our TV show. It's gonna be the funniest thing you could ever put all up in you. for reals girl, for reals.
For more party pics, go to Melissa's flickr set