Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Librarian gangsta l337 rap

I had to write a poem in l337 last year for school. I am proud to begin a genre of librarian gangsta rap. It's been a long time coming.

my |337
57r416h7 fr0m 7h3 57r337
64n6574 |1br4r14n5
w3 r0|| d33p
r37urn y0ur m473r714|5 by 7h3 du3 d473
cuz 1 637 m4dd3r 7h4n 4 h4773r
wh3n y0ur b00k5 4r3 |473
my cr3w 15 7ru3
w3'r3 7h3 b1b|10b17ch35
n0n-5hu5h |1br4r14n5 1n 5up3r-cu73 br17ch35
71m3 4f73r 71m3
|1n3 4f73r |1n3
74|k1n6 'b0u7 7h3 b00k5 7h47 4r3 0n 0ur m1nd5
fu7ur3 k33p3r5 0f kn0w|3d63,
w3 r0ck d1574nc3 c0||363
d0n'7 d15r35p3c7, d0n'7 b3 4 d06
637 d0wn w17h u5 4nd
r34d 0ur b|06!

my leet
straight from the street
gangsta librarians
we roll deep
return your matertials by the due date
cuz I get madder than a hatter
when your books are late
my crew is true
we're the bibliobitches
non-shush librarians in super-cute britches
time after time
line after line
talking 'bout the books that are on our minds
future keepers of knowledge,
we rock distance college
don't disrespect, don't be a dog
get down with us and
read our blog!

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