Friday, September 29, 2006

What do you have checked out from the library right now?

Here's my list:

RFID for dummies / by Patrick J. Sweeney II
The big one(VIDEO)/ Michael Moore
Book lust : recommended reading for every mood, moment, and reason / Nancy Pearl
More book lust : recommended reading for every mood, moment, and reason / Nancy Pearl
Angle of repose [by] Wallace Stegner.
Foundation / Isaac Asimov
The last picture show / by Larry McMurtry
Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers / Mary Roach
A dangerous friend / Ward Just
Tim Burton's Corpse bride [videorecording] / Tim Burton
Bubble [videorecording] /Steven Soderbergh
Curb your enthusiasm. The complete fourth season [videorecording] /Larry David
Neverwhere / Neil Gaiman.
NNNNN [sound recording] : [a novel] / Carl Reiner.

Hold List:

Rize [videorecording] / David LaChapelle
Wallace & Gromit [videorecording] : the curse of the were-rabbit / Aardman Animations
Oral fixation. Vol. 2 [sound recording] / Shakira.
Lost. The complete second season [videorecording]
Arrested development. Season three [videorecording].
Arrested development. Season two [videorecording]
Deadwood. The complete second season [videorecording]
Weeds: season 1 (DVD)
Rome. The complete first season [videorecording]
Curb your enthusiasm. The complete fifth season [videorecording] Terraforming earth / Jack Williamson.
So yesterday : a novel / by Scott Westerfeld.

Because school just started again, it is unlikely I'll get a chance to watch any of those DVDs on that hold list- unless they don't come up until xmas break- which, I guess, is likely. Post either your favorites or what you have checked out or what you're currently reading and I'll be eternally grateful!

school is cool

It's been a great week getting back into school- the beginning of my second year at the Universtiy of Washington's iSchool- yeah they spell it that way. Everything has an i before it now. I have two really great classes from two Nancys. Already a ton of reading for Booklust 101 with Nancy Pearl. We're kicking it off with Ward Just's A Dangerous Friend and a non-fiction narrative of our choosing. I'm trying to decide between The Orchid Theif, Stiff, and Truth & Beauty. I listened to Carl Reiner's NNNNN on the way up to Seattle, and its pretty entertaining- very enjoyable to hear it in Carl's voice. My business resources class is helping close the gap in the knowledge I was just expected to have at the law firm. (School helps me realize how little training and back-up I had in that job, and how ridiculous it was for me to be expected to do that kind of work without and without decent pay, too. Those are the situations in which I gain massive amounts of new knowledge, so it still works out pretty well.) The business class is satisfying that other type of nerd in me. The teacher is really knowledgeable, funny, interesting- just fab!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

M+M= fraking awesome guitar straps!

Michael and Melissa are now making and selling these BEAUTIFUL guitar straps on Etsy.
Check it, yo:

Library/Archives go to the moon!?!

Check out this article:
"The benefits of lunar storage are that there is no oxygen to erode the material, constant sub-freezing temperature and the Moon is currently free of all of the havoc wreaked by humankind..."
Lunar Library

yay! text directory services for yer cell

You probably already know all about this, but as I used it this morning, I thought- hmmmm- blogworthy indeed.
Hate to pay $1.50 for dialing 411 on your cell phone? Google and Yahoo have figured this out, and for free. From your phone, just send a text message to 46645 (Google) or 92466 (Yahoo), along with your search terms (for example, “Tom Mighell, Dallas Texas”). In just a few seconds you’ll receive a reply back with a phone number.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Memorial for Marge

Marge Brown, beloved instructor at TESC and great friend of mine, filmmaker and all-around amazing lady passed away in July after having been diagnosed with cancer for the last three years. There will be a public memorial for Marge on October 29th in the Longhouse at Evergreen. We miss you Marge.
memorial page at Evergreen

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

it's official

I'll be leaving my ol' law firm job for swooshier pastures starting in Rocktober. I'll be starting a new year of library school in a couple of weeks, too. I'm taking classes from 2 teachers both named Nancy. One is a rock star- for reals (they have an action figure based on her!), and the other is, I think, who I want to be when I grow up! Hooray for good times. Change is good.