Thursday, October 26, 2006

what's your favorite Onion article lately?

Here's mine- I kept laughing out-loud!
Massive Tag Body Spray Slick Spreading From Jersey Shore

The Onion

Massive Tag Body Spray Slick Spreading From Jersey Shore

TOMS RIVER, NJ—Environmentalists fear that the noxious spill could offset Mid-Atlantic breeding patterns for years to come.


I am so excited for the movie. He's my favorite character from Sacha Baron Cohen.


You absolutely have to go read all of these panels by Packard Jennings in mcstrick's blog . It made me think of my hippie parents- or at least once hippie parents.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

now I'm going on an environmental kick

Do you know about offsetting your CO2 emissions? Native Energy is a pretty cool company that allows you to buy off some of your pollution guilt AND actually buy away some bad emissions by supporting renewable energy packs on windfarms and methane projects on farms. Basically, you are investing in cool energy projects. When renewable energy is generated, power companies are forced to use that energy by law and shut down other sources of energy. You can calculate your CO2 emissions, then buy a pack worth the amount you pump out from you car and home. I pump out 1.35 tons of CO2 per year, but the average person pumps out a supposed 7.5 tons. $24 buys me into 2 tons of renewable energy I can feel good about. It's small, but it's something... So, if you can, you should spend $3 or more dollars to do something too.

oh, Al

I now love Al Gore! He was fantastic last night at the rose garden here in PDX. He was passionate and informed, current and relevant. He reminded me of every great teacher I've had- especially the amazing Tom Rainey of TESC, genius of all lands. I really feel better informed, and even though I was driven to the point of hopeless tears, he successfully brought me back up and left me feeling inspired and driven about change. I loved that he had a Q&A afterwards, and he let crazy people come up afterwards and talk to to him and hug him. He had more material than in An Inconvenient Truth and he had information on events that occured that day as well as a lot of information about Oregon. He was very skilled at connecting Oregon to global issues. I think he gave ol' WalMart and China too much credit because they are behaving well in a few areas, but he didn't address some of the other major problems with those two nations. He did illustrate the beginning of the catastrophe of climatological refugees- beyond victims of the tsunami and Gulf Coast- such as India, Pakistan, and Lake Chad because the glaciers and lakes that provide fresh water are disappearing. His multimedia presentation was top-knotch- engaging and well-edited. It was nice to see it after he has presented it hundreds of times- so familiar with every part of it. After the Q&A he encouraged all of us to become fiercely educated so that we could recognize the opportunities for getting involved and getting others involved. Al Gore is changing the world so that there is the world. I heart Al Gore. Jury is still out on Tipper.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's a tee design associated with the questionable content comic.

Oregon Symphony, Al Gore, what a busy week!

Last night Carol and I went to the symphony and tonight we are going to see Al Gore speak. The symphony was fantastic! It was all about Mozart. The guest pianist was Robert Levin, who performed an improvised fantasy towards the end of the night. He was very goofy, theatrical, and he was an excellent player. Music nerds are really something- with their "alto cleff" jokes and composer puns. Good lord. It reminded me that I don't listen to Mozart enough, and it made both me and Carol wonder what it would have been like to party with him. Was he cool? Was he a dick? Hmmmmm, then we talked about people who excude passion and energy- people that can remind you of Mozart. Tonight we go get bummed out by Al Gore. I'm really glad to see him speak. He's always been pretty fascinating to me. I was one of the many Nader traitors in the stolen election, but I was still interested in Gore- just not his wife or his party. Tomorrow night we're all getting together to carve pumpkins, the next night I edit video for work, then it's off to Port Townsend to visit the woman what bore me. Sunday is Marge's memorial at TESC. Somewhere in there has to have some homework happen and then next week will be nutso too. I guess my ninety-minute max ride is a good thing- being my fixed time for homework and class readings. sigh.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lauren's Knickers

Lauren has a few items from her Anne Bonney line on Etsy now. She made a pair of knickers for me for my birthday in the softest black woven material. I wear them constantly. The pantaloons are pretty awesome, too. They come down to just the right spot and you can see a little lace hanging out from underneath your skirt.
You can see them at
or at her site:

Friday, October 20, 2006


One of my favorite gingers is coming to visit the NW in November! hooray. I miss her like crazy! We're gonna make a 3-minute short while she's here, so I need to spend every waking minute while not at work getting as ahead as possible in my classes. Yikes! I feel like I can barely keep up. All this is really cutting into my time spent watching TV and loving it. Nothing can stop me from watching the ol' B*G, though. It's the bestest TV ever. Did I mention I love TV? Seriously, I do.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Library Aerobics!

A former ASU student posted this on youtube, and my friend Melissa was kind enough to pass it on. It is very inspiring to me.

Ethos Music Center

Yesterday was Nike's staff community involvement day, and we library folk volunteered to help out at the ethos music center in No Portland. It is a really great place that teaches 300 kids per week to play various instruments, read music, etc. They just got a new building on the corner of Williams & Killingsworth, and they really need help getitng it all set up. I really loved the people I met and we had a great time cleaning & tuning instruments and painting pottery for their up-coming non-profit coffee shop. We got to listen to a CD from rock 'n' roll camp- and there is nothing as rad as 30 kids singing "I Want to Break Free!" My fantasy is that I can get all of my friends to come in and help as a group one day for fun. It would be rad. All the stuff they need people to do is like a million times more fun than anything anyone does in their day job!

Monday, October 2, 2006

children of librarians...

...could grow up to be Bloodhag!

Note the victims on this cover art have overdue notices stabbed onto them. There are a lot of ragey librarians out there, huh?
Looks like Bloodhag will be performing at the Lakewood branch of the Pierce County Library (Tacoma, WA area) on 10/13. The band members' mothers are librarians.

their album @ amazon