Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ethos Music Center

Yesterday was Nike's staff community involvement day, and we library folk volunteered to help out at the ethos music center in No Portland. It is a really great place that teaches 300 kids per week to play various instruments, read music, etc. They just got a new building on the corner of Williams & Killingsworth, and they really need help getitng it all set up. I really loved the people I met and we had a great time cleaning & tuning instruments and painting pottery for their up-coming non-profit coffee shop. We got to listen to a CD from rock 'n' roll camp- and there is nothing as rad as 30 kids singing "I Want to Break Free!" My fantasy is that I can get all of my friends to come in and help as a group one day for fun. It would be rad. All the stuff they need people to do is like a million times more fun than anything anyone does in their day job!

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