Wednesday, October 25, 2006

now I'm going on an environmental kick

Do you know about offsetting your CO2 emissions? Native Energy is a pretty cool company that allows you to buy off some of your pollution guilt AND actually buy away some bad emissions by supporting renewable energy packs on windfarms and methane projects on farms. Basically, you are investing in cool energy projects. When renewable energy is generated, power companies are forced to use that energy by law and shut down other sources of energy. You can calculate your CO2 emissions, then buy a pack worth the amount you pump out from you car and home. I pump out 1.35 tons of CO2 per year, but the average person pumps out a supposed 7.5 tons. $24 buys me into 2 tons of renewable energy I can feel good about. It's small, but it's something... So, if you can, you should spend $3 or more dollars to do something too.

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