Wednesday, October 25, 2006

oh, Al

I now love Al Gore! He was fantastic last night at the rose garden here in PDX. He was passionate and informed, current and relevant. He reminded me of every great teacher I've had- especially the amazing Tom Rainey of TESC, genius of all lands. I really feel better informed, and even though I was driven to the point of hopeless tears, he successfully brought me back up and left me feeling inspired and driven about change. I loved that he had a Q&A afterwards, and he let crazy people come up afterwards and talk to to him and hug him. He had more material than in An Inconvenient Truth and he had information on events that occured that day as well as a lot of information about Oregon. He was very skilled at connecting Oregon to global issues. I think he gave ol' WalMart and China too much credit because they are behaving well in a few areas, but he didn't address some of the other major problems with those two nations. He did illustrate the beginning of the catastrophe of climatological refugees- beyond victims of the tsunami and Gulf Coast- such as India, Pakistan, and Lake Chad because the glaciers and lakes that provide fresh water are disappearing. His multimedia presentation was top-knotch- engaging and well-edited. It was nice to see it after he has presented it hundreds of times- so familiar with every part of it. After the Q&A he encouraged all of us to become fiercely educated so that we could recognize the opportunities for getting involved and getting others involved. Al Gore is changing the world so that there is the world. I heart Al Gore. Jury is still out on Tipper.

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