Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oregon Symphony, Al Gore, what a busy week!

Last night Carol and I went to the symphony and tonight we are going to see Al Gore speak. The symphony was fantastic! It was all about Mozart. The guest pianist was Robert Levin, who performed an improvised fantasy towards the end of the night. He was very goofy, theatrical, and he was an excellent player. Music nerds are really something- with their "alto cleff" jokes and composer puns. Good lord. It reminded me that I don't listen to Mozart enough, and it made both me and Carol wonder what it would have been like to party with him. Was he cool? Was he a dick? Hmmmmm, then we talked about people who excude passion and energy- people that can remind you of Mozart. Tonight we go get bummed out by Al Gore. I'm really glad to see him speak. He's always been pretty fascinating to me. I was one of the many Nader traitors in the stolen election, but I was still interested in Gore- just not his wife or his party. Tomorrow night we're all getting together to carve pumpkins, the next night I edit video for work, then it's off to Port Townsend to visit the woman what bore me. Sunday is Marge's memorial at TESC. Somewhere in there has to have some homework happen and then next week will be nutso too. I guess my ninety-minute max ride is a good thing- being my fixed time for homework and class readings. sigh.

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