Wednesday, November 1, 2006

i f-ing hate you, Starbucks! again

Up yours store #3507! So, the other day I was totally ridiculed for not knowing SB-specific coffee information by the bitch barista behind the machine. I am way to cuntry in the morning to take that flak! I hate their coffee anyway, but I thought I would treat my carpool buddy to a latte as a little thanks for the driving, and the wild oats' coffee next door really tastes like burnt ass. So, anyway, that reminds me of the whole concept of coffee ordering etiquette. Did starbucks start the trend of having self-righteous coffee experts that look down their zitty little noses at you if you can't say machiatto? Did they absorb from the smaller indie shops? I feel way more comfortable in those, of course. The rub here was not knowing something about starbucks. I had no idea I could even be cofftarded. fuck those guy...

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