Monday, February 12, 2007

freedom weekend!

On Friday we went down to Valentine's in PDX (in the alley by Berbati's and Voodoo Doughnuts) to see Claudia play drums in hornet leg. They played with Red Herring and the New Bloods, and it was a really great show. Claudia even sliced up her thumb, but kept on keeping on and played a great set of bluesy garagey songs with her good pal Chris. It was the New Bloods' record release party. I got a delicious vegan doughnut after the show. Greg, Walt & Lefevre had their first show at a house party on Saturday night, and it went really well. Sunday was spent walking around and doing not so much stuff. How great is that? I haven't had the luxury of a free day since school started over a year ago. Being canned definitely has its upside. I haven't been nearly as depressed as i thought I would- the timing is good for school work and crafting and "checkin in" with loved ones. I took some crafts into Re-run for selling this moring and set up a lot of new stuff on Etsy, so here's hoping that helps me out a little.

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