Thursday, April 12, 2007

She quit! is quitting?

One of the most exciting things about going to Oly overnight to work on Tammytown was Liz waking me up to ask if I would take her to go get some patches to quit smoking! I am so happy. Happier then when Liz got ahold of everyone on our list to move ahead with getting music rights and putting together a self-distrubution plan.

So, that's right- we're thinking on trying to self-distro the movie through filmbaby, lulu, and other online places. We could print the covers with the gocco- providing we can find some DVD cases in paper/cardboard or something nice like that. Where did those An Inconvenient Truth porducers find those cases? We're thinking of charging $14.99 for each copy of the movie, but providing it for free download to cast and crew. Does that sound good? Please, let me know your opinion on this- it would help.

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