Monday, April 9, 2007

welcome to the Grindhouse

Liz and I went to see Grindhouse, and it was a barrel of fun. Planet Terror, the first film in the double feature and directed by Rodriguez was really great as both a parody and a fun film. Rose McGowan has really come into her career with this one. She was just perfect. Much better than any episode of Charmed, thank god. (And, I loved Charmed.) Tarantino's Death Proof was (intentionally?) kind of lame for the first half, but kicked ass in the second half. My favorite part came with the comic twist of how the villain- Stuntman Mike played by Kurt Russell- responded to an injury. Lots of hot butts, and too many feet shots because Tarantino can't let you watch a movie without reminding you he has a foot fetish. And, because his style is "homage", he also can't let you enjoy a movie without too much unnatural dialogue impossible for actors to say and still seem like characters, let alone people. I think it's the only way his ego can be satisfied. Even so, I loved it as I usually love his stuff. Zoe Bell was also amazing. You could definitely tell that the stunts were for reals. For really reals! The fake trailers, bumpers, and missing reels markers were HI-larious! Great for any movie-goer or filmmaker. I recommend it!

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