Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Installation Film Piece

A collabo with young visionary intermedia artist named Jaclyn Campanaro, this will be available for viewing until the end of the Platform Animation Festival, Saturday June 30th. We created this while participating in a workshop with Dryden Goodwin called "One Location, Two Experiences." our piece is located in room 201E- back right-hand side corner upstairs in the main PNCA building on the corner of NW 12th & Johnson.

"Suspended" is a sculptural video installation that focuses on the
dichotomy of individual and shared experiences and the connections
between the two. Consisting of two parts that must be viewed
separately, the piece explores the themes of public and private, past
and present, experience and nostalgia.
On the 'public side' of the piece, we can experience together a
replica of the St. John's Bridge and riverbank, and projected super-8
imagery of its environment reflected off of water. This
multi-dimensional 'postcard' is indicative of our attempts at
re-creating experiences post-fact in order to share them with others.
Whether through storytelling, photographs or moving images, our
experiences become simulacra of themselves once they are given form
outside their original context.
On the 'private side' we are left alone, peering inside of a box that
conceals frenetic memory fragments and dream-like abstractions.
Juxtaposing single-frames of super-8 film and digital video we get a
sense of the past moving into the present through a series of abstract
vignettes. These call to mind the ephemeral nature of an experience
which cannot be adequately conveyed through words or mechanical
reproduction and which are ultimately kept to ourselves.
Our interpretation of 'animation' is largely conceptual in this piece.
In regard to its definitions "to give life to" and "create the
illusion of motion", we have developed a surrogate experience for the
viewer through digital video and through super-8 film shot frame by
frame, using stop-motion techniques. The cut-up single frames of
super-8 film in the reflecting pool are from the actual footage we
shot; suspended animation.


PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) 1241 NW Johnson Street Thursday, June 28 9 pm - midnight Come view the entire Installation Competition at once. Stroll through the streets of the Pearl District surrounded by performances and animation in unusual places. All installations will be on display for three hours on one night only, with animation to be shown on buildings, in windows, in parking lots, stores and a restaurant. Begin your walking tour at PNCA and follow the map, stopping along the way to select your favorites. When you've finshed, circle back to vote for the People's Choice Award for best installation.

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