Saturday, June 9, 2007


It f-ing rained cats and dogs on us at the Etsy fair today. Wish I had taken some pictures. It was pure miracle that anyone sold anything, as people were dodging in and out of tents towards their cars. There were a surprising amount of ballsy, soggy Portlandians who came out and gave us good cheer. We did still pack up early with the farmers. I thought I'd wear a skirt and not freeze my nuts off. I thought wrong! So, we tried to stay chipper, but periodically pissed and moaned until Michael Lefevre brought us legwarmers and yummy yummy food from La Bonita. We all agreed that saying "Shut the Front Door!" as if you were saying "Shut the F*ck up!" is the world's best fake expletive, right in front of my others: "Mother Hubbard!" and "Chees'n'Rice!" Big Love totally inspired me to clean up my language- comically of course. What are your favorite fake swears? I want more.

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