Monday, November 19, 2007

Tammytown in NYC!

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It was unbelievably fun to show Tammytown in NYC on Friday! I was kind of overwhelmed by seeing so many people I love and haven't seen in a long time all in one place. The audience was all friends and family so it was nice. Everyone laughed throughout the whole movie, and Nick and Amy were the best with their loud laughing and knee-slapping and air-punching! I was so happy to see Po, Adam, Nick, Amy, Will, Anna's parents, and the gang. We all went across the street afterwards and drank and danced and laughed until after 4am. I cabbed it back to Liz's place with Michael & Liz around 5am! We totally missed out on doing anything before we left on Saturday night as all we could do was sleep until it was time to go to the airport.

From a commercial perspective, it was a bust. We never got on the theater's marquis or schedule. Our distributor had a lot of complications and basically didn't promote us, printed the wrong date on the postcards and no one from their office showed up. I never met our rep, who was dealing with a family tragedy. We only sold three copies and there were no more than 40 people there. Timing was not on our side with getting the attention we needed. None of this has gone down the way you think it goes. But, it's pretty hard to be unhappy when someone pays to throw you and your friends a big ass party and everyone who wants to gets to see and/or own a copy of your movie!

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