Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saturday Craft Show

I'm only doing one craft show this year on account of stoopid old graduate school. And, it's the PDX-Etsy last-chance sale! Come by if you're in PDX.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Indiepix Sale!

Independent movies are great gifts!

Indiepix is offering 20% off every title through xmas! I recommend:
Tammytown (of course!)
We are The Children (um, rad!)
Red Without Blue

Any of the shorts & animated programs look awesome, too!

Just go to Indiepix' site

Monday, December 3, 2007

Snowed in!

I wish this picture was from Tammytown! Dang!

An astounding 30 or so folks braved the 3 inches of fluffy white snow and freezing slush last night, but many who intended to come couldn't make it. :(

So, of course, the one and last day we show the movie, it actually dumps like 3 inches of lovely snow all over Seattle! I know a bunch of you that planned on coming couldn't make it, and I'm sorry. Unfortunately, I am unable to book any more screenings any time in the near future. However, we did submit to a couple of festivals in Seattle for screenings in May. So, I'll keep you posted! ;-)

Other options:
Buy the DVD and have a party!
you can buy it from indiepix and, or you can buy directly from me! I am bogged down with the 70 or so copies I was supposed to sell at the last couple of screenings, but didn't. I am currently offering free shipping on any order and a free surprise gift as well! Just send me a convo with your email and I will send you a paypal invoice for $19.95.
Contact your local library and ask them to carry Tammytown! You can also request it on Netflix, too. We have a good chance of being on Netflix in the next month or so, but a lot of it is based on number of requests.
Seattle Public Library Request form
King County Public Library Request form
Pierce County Library
Puyallup Public Library
Netflix Title Request