Saturday, January 26, 2008

you go girl

Oh man do I miss the Daily Show and Colbert Report writers. Lately, I wonder why we even have cable. it seems like a real waste between the strike and grad school. It has really affected my life in a meaningful way. It may have seriously changed my TV addiction. i think I have the strike to thank for swinging a 3.7 last quarter. However, I've been so sad. And, I nearly shit a panic brick when i heard that soaps may get interrupted. They weren't, but the writing on my faves- OLTL and genital hospital makes me think someone is on a vacation if not on strike.

Anyhoo, those serious purveyors of funny from the aforementioned "fake news" (my actual most reliable news source on TV) staged a fantastic parody hearing and mock debate. Check out the LA Times article or watch the video, which only gives a little taste of it. I love and miss you guys. I think you're worth more than half of a Reese Witherspoon, any half!

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