Saturday, February 16, 2008

New TV Obsession

Ok, so it isn't just the shitty reality TV that rode in on the nightmarish wave on "writers strike TV," I am IN LOVE with CBS' show Jericho. I have never found a bunch of WASPs so damn interesting, and it is soooo nice to see some compelling african-american characters on a primetime show. I cannot even believe I like a show on CBS, other than the occasional nostalgic check-in with Price is Right and I am usually pleased when I catch Julia-Louis Dreyfus' show. Other than that, that channel has been about as valued as QVC or some other sales channel to me. Anyway, Jericho is a little bit like Lost, but more like Battlestar Galactica, but also totally it's own thing. And, it has music and dialogue reminiscent of Firefly. The acting, directing, writing, producing are all in lock-step to each other. It has a kindof soap opera appeal, but it's more story-driven than character-driven, so things actually happen. Unlike Lost, things resolve without flattening the appeal. And, I never really appreciated the adorable lil Skeet Ulrich- but he really delivers. Additionally, Gerald McRaney hasn't been this fantastical since before Major Dad!
This show garnered a lot of attention and a few extra episodes after superfans freaked out and shipped thousands of pounds of nuts to CBS to let them know they wanted it to stay on air.

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