Monday, February 25, 2008

Spock- Fat Positive & Body Image Activist

I was thrilled to catch part of a Colbert Report rerun in which Leonard Nimoy was the guest. I already knew he was rad based on his poetry released on vinyl owned by some family members, but I had no idea HOW RAD!!! He is a still photographer, and he has just released a book and body of work called the Full Body Project.
Most of us have been raised in a culture of fat oppressing, self/body-hating, and it took me years of friendship with rad, fat-positive punks and other wonderful ladies and dudes to get over it enough to occasionally consider my body beautiful and to be grateful for what I gots. It was great to hear LN talk about his concern about teen and younger girls and their body image. Oh, I could go on...

Do you know anyone obsessed with dieting? Imagine what they could do with all that energy instead!

write the great American novel
make a feature film
start a 'zine
start a non-profit
get another college degree
focus on health instead
be happy

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