Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cloverfield at the Academy

Michael and I joined the fabulous Mellos last night in celebration of Joe's birthday and went to the Academy Theater to see Cloverfield last night. You may remember the brilliant trailers for Cloverfield that barely show you anything?

The theater:
The Academy theater is wonderful! Yeah, it's all the way out on Stark by 82nd, but it is all tricked out with new seats and you can get beers, pizzas, etc. much like the Laurelhurst. They also had really good sound and screens. I would go back anytime- totally worth the drive. And, the tickets were like $3! And, OMG! They offer babysitting for many films from Thursday through Sunday nights! Can you believe that? Wow! Definitely worth the drive if you have little brats.

The movie:
I'm not sure how I was able to thoroughly enjoy this handheld video puke-ride with characters I could not even try to give two shits about, but I did! Well, it was really fun to wait and hope for each bland, douchey person to bite the dust. I almost cheered when one of the finally got it. And, the beginning was so long and monotonous that when the shit finally went down, I was so relieved and happy. I really wanted pretty much every character, even the minors, to get it and get it bad! The plausibility was completely soft and underdeveloped, but the action and effects were fast-paced enough to keep me watching. The monster was really great. I loved the design. I'm not sure what was models, but there was a small team credited. Maybe it was just for tests or CG modeling? I have to say, it probably would have been even creepier if it had been stop-mo. As Katie pointed out, it had that "wet" look of CG. Also, there can be something really creepy about the movements of stop-mo.
I say rent it for fun. Don't give yourself a headache in the theater, though! ergh!

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