Sunday, July 27, 2008

go review Tammytown on Amazon!

Tammytown is now on Amazon! So, please do click over there and giver her a review! The funniest thing is that it says they are out of stock! Ha Ha Ha! I posted my own copies. And, folks can always buy it from or request it from their local library. (It's in OCLC thanks to TRL!)

I found out about it being up on Amazon when my bff from high school contacted me through myspace and mentioned it. We haven't spoken for about 9 or 10 years, and she was a total inspiration for the film- the goodest parts! Dawn and I spent just about every moment together for a couple of years, and her family was that warm loving type with a cool mom, so all of the kids hung out at their house. Her little sister was a spitfiire and a bff of mine later on. Dawn and her sister used to threaten each other with knives! That almost had me and Phil beat if weren't for the way we kept going into our twenties.

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