Friday, August 1, 2008

Cool New Job!

I got the job as Communications and Learning Associate at Meyer Memorial Trust this week, and I start Aug 11th! So, it's crazy, but this job actually relates to my degree, interests, and background! And, I'll be using my superpowers for good! No more supporting Asbestos defense suits or swoosh-peddling mega-giants!

I'll be working with the Communications department on internal and external communication, doinga little bit of everything and working on the coolest project ever: Connectipedia. It is an open source wiki resource for grant seekers and grant givers alike to find people, places, things and basically any useful resource for our area. I will be doing very librarianish things in learning the system, working on it, and teaching my coworkers how to use it. I am really thrilled to be working for MMT as they are an amazing non-profit/trust that is inclusive of everything good in our community and they seek out cool projects to fund as well as do the major gifts anyone would expect.

I knew I'd love these guys when I read their staff bios and watched video from the connectipedia launch party- (presented by Ward Cunningham no less!) When my new boss said that she'd never met a technology she would'nt at least date, I knew it was love! my nerd bell went off, and I truly feel this will be a place where the media producer and librarian in me can stop fighting and start playing nice.

Thanks to all my crew and peeps for helping me get here!

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