Thursday, October 30, 2008

So excited to see Tammytown on Netflix!

Check it out! Once again, we/I never know what's going on with ol' Tammytown out there due to Indiepix not having talked to any of us for almost a year... I'm not cranky about it, though! No, really! So, once upon a time we had been told we might be on Netflix, and it is unclear whether or not you can really get it... But, it can be added to a cue or saved or something. So, please save away! This is almost as exciting as when Timberland bought it, performed original cataloging, and thus got the movie entered into OCLC's worldcat! (As a librarian & nerd, there is little more that could get me this jazzed!)

Also, whoever wrote the description of the movie as seen in the Netflix catalog made me green with envy! I really wish I had written it! "Lesbian pal" is alittle cheesy, but the rest is awesome!!! I will be using that from here on out!

In 1989, transfer student Tammie Pritchett (Anna Kaye) upsets the delicate social balance of Hellgate High when she unwittingly attracts boys away from her hell-bent rival Tammy Sylvester (Jessica Aceti). While Tammy fights to bring down the newcomer, Tammie stays afloat with the help of a new lesbian pal. The laughs -- and the hair -- are big in this affectionate salute to the '80s high school experience, shot on location in western Washington.
Yay! Also, if you want to buy a copy, let me know as I have tons left over from last year's screening parties. I will throw in a free soundtrack CD that I screenprinted myself!

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