Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Laptop per child is on Amazon with buy one, get one!

It's so exciting the the OLPC has a site on Amazon now in which you can buy a laptop for a kid and get one for yourself! And, they're only 200 bucks! It's not in my budget at the moment, but I am excited at the possibility of playing around with this super cool, little, extra-durable machine that runs on a cool new feat of user-centered design: sugar. There are no files, folders or applications. The unit of interaction is activity! We got the benefit of checking out sugar in my Human-Computer Interaction class at UW a couple of years ago, and I was impressed by the approach then. I am even more delighted now by the improvements in sugar as well as for the hardware of the laptop, which is especially designed for harsh conditions, bright sunlight, you name it. There is no way I wouldn't be getting this if I had kids. There is much likelihood I will get one even though I don't have kids!

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