Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is so cool it makes me want to cry happy...

Portland Hope Meadows is one of the projects/orgs supported by my work, and I was lucky enough to catch a brief news story about the first Hope Meadows which serves as the model for this amazing venture. Basically, honorary "grandparents" give about 6 hours a week to mentor/help out foster/adopted kids and their families in this intergenerational community.

Portland Hope Meadow's Mission is to develop and sustain intergenerational neighborhoods for adoptive families of foster children that promote permanency, community and caring relationships, while offering safety and meaningful purpose in the daily lives of older adults. Find out more here.

The Portland Hope Meadows is in the fund raising and getting the word out phase to create this amazing place for these kids. You can help, even without money! If anyone can find the video from the news story, or if you happen across it, can you post it here?
OK thx bye

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