Monday, January 26, 2009


Man, Focus Features really outdid themselves with

You can "button your eyes," view trailers, and it looks wonderful! I'm starting to think this is totally going to be a really big movie. I really can't wait to see it, but I will make sure (wait if I have to) I see it in 3D. I saw about 1/3 of the film in 3D while making those dang ol' Scotty dogs, and it was stunning.

Opens Feb 6th! (Also opening PIFF)

20 days later

I had my check-in tonight with Lea. OK, just about 3 weeks in, after working out six days a week: I'm pleased to report that I have lost 5 lbs and 1 full BMI unit. The calipers also indicated a good .75% drop in bodyfat. And yes, I know all these measurement systems are pretty bullshitty, so...

My pants are fitting very differently- the baggy ones are now too big. Basically, my weight loss is not too significant in the very typical way that I am experiencing fat-muscle conversion. My thighs and heart feel the most affected. (And frankly, that is what matters most!)It's pretty remarkable how quickly you can feel reassuring results, even though it takes a while to see really healthful results. I also found that turning the corner from hate & pain to feeling good happened very quickly. I was hating it like poison last Monday, and craving it Tuesday. My legs are now hungry for action, and it's great! Now, we're off to Cozumel for 5 days or so!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gym Follow-Up: My First (official) Trainer Session

Muscles of the trunkImage via Wikipedia I had my first official trainer session since becoming a member at the gym last night. Lea started me off by getting all of my deets and I made sure to have the old "seriously, I don't care about numbers and other misc. bullshit- I just wanna be healthy" talk with her. It's so disturbing to me that I've had to defend that common-sense position many times over the years, but she was totally down with it, even if she thought I was at least a little full of shit. She was extremely patient and gracious throughout our session- even when I forgot to turn off my foul-mouth switch and proclaimed that "my gunt hurts!"

I have to say, this arrangement makes me feel completely set-up for success. Having appointments to make forces me to be accountable, and my only current homework is to drag my butt in there at least once a week on my own to do 45 mins of cardio work. I find this and the general way Lea works to have such a basic logic and simplicity to it that I can't resist complying. The way she managed the counts on my workout moves made it sound absurd to not just do 5 or 10 more of whatever, or hold for 15 more seconds. This week, that has been the best motivator, with a lil bit of not wanting to be the biggest wuss in the place coming in second.

ps- my abs totally hurt today, and this is really good!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Portland Gym Search is Over

bacon_n_eggsImage by superphoebe via FlickrSo, I used to have a bunch of health problems. Basically, I think that high stress, a bad diet, and a lifetime of sleep problems manifested as all kinds of mess from pancreatic issues to fibromyalgia to even being misdiagnosed with MS!

My only real problems that remain are annoying allergies to just about anything indoors and outdoors as well as food allergies to poultry and eggs. These things are controlled well by allergy pills and avoiding poultry and egg, so everything is pretty hunky dory.

I got on the road to wellness by getting care at Nature Cures clinic in Portland. They are seriously the only ones that ever helped me make lasting changes in my health and comfort. My treatment worked so well that I went from testing horribly to having textbook perfect results on my bloodwork at the UW medical center. It was there that the Doctor said, "Well, you're really very healthy. Just fat- that's really the only thing you have left." (OK, he probavbly didn't use the word "fat," but whatever...) And, sadly, or happily, this is true.

So, with a new-found spring in my step, I embark on my next health journey: fitness! It's true that I've put on a buncha weight since moving back to Portland, but that is really just the physical evidence of poor cardiovascular health and overall fitness resulting from too much computer sitting, a poor diet, and not enough running around and getting awesome on a physical level. Work & graduate school are my ass' enemy.

I have spent the last month investigating gyms in the Portland area to see where I will be getting awesome on a physical level. After much deliberating and comparison, I have chosen the big, somewhat douchey 24 hr Fitness in the Pearl. Why? Well, it came down to locations/convenience, a saltwater pool, price, and the personal trainer I met- Lea.

I plan to continue with at least one more blog post, maybe upload my little spreadsheet to compare and contrast Portland gyms for anyone interested, but I would also love to hear from y'all about your gyms and your workout preferences in the comments.

Do you use a gym?

Which one?

What is your favorite workout?

Do you use/have you used a personal trainer?

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