Friday, January 9, 2009

Gym Follow-Up: My First (official) Trainer Session

Muscles of the trunkImage via Wikipedia I had my first official trainer session since becoming a member at the gym last night. Lea started me off by getting all of my deets and I made sure to have the old "seriously, I don't care about numbers and other misc. bullshit- I just wanna be healthy" talk with her. It's so disturbing to me that I've had to defend that common-sense position many times over the years, but she was totally down with it, even if she thought I was at least a little full of shit. She was extremely patient and gracious throughout our session- even when I forgot to turn off my foul-mouth switch and proclaimed that "my gunt hurts!"

I have to say, this arrangement makes me feel completely set-up for success. Having appointments to make forces me to be accountable, and my only current homework is to drag my butt in there at least once a week on my own to do 45 mins of cardio work. I find this and the general way Lea works to have such a basic logic and simplicity to it that I can't resist complying. The way she managed the counts on my workout moves made it sound absurd to not just do 5 or 10 more of whatever, or hold for 15 more seconds. This week, that has been the best motivator, with a lil bit of not wanting to be the biggest wuss in the place coming in second.

ps- my abs totally hurt today, and this is really good!
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