Tuesday, April 28, 2009

09NTC Notes From 04/28/09: New Video Platform for Nonprofits

This was awesome, but I only caught the tail end of the session:

session description:
New Video Platform for Nonprofits
See3 will unveil its partnership with Kaltura to address the video needs of nonprofits and social causes. Join Michael Hoffman, See3 CEO, and Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura CEO, for a discussion and demo of the cutting-edge open-source video platform. This new platform integrates with Drupal and other content management systems , allows users to upload video directly from other sources such as YouTube, and has increased viral distribution capabilities. We’ll also walk through the web-based video editor and other advanced functionalities that help organizations connect to constituents. Come share your video needs , give feedback, and witness a hands-on demonstration of this exciting video opportunity.

See3 video stuff

um, rad!

online video editing
Kaltura: http://corp.kaltura.com/
"open source video solutions"

remixamerica.org, dogooderTV, See3 communications,

dogooderTV player

customized playlist module, creates a widget you can make

highly customizable, many applications being built and developed,

quality goes to HD, total flexibility, compress down to FLD after uploading by FTP

you could create an FTP option! you could RSS videos that are already uploaded at other sites, and even have it auto grab from feeds

webcam capture quality is pretty good- on par with youtube

integrate in Drupal & Wordpress- and can configure to have users be able to post both text and video responses!

this also allows a good way to restrict content

internal audiences solutions

creating a private space is successful here

Kaltura has enlisted See3 to be their big channel to the nonprofit world- ambassador, service that gets it to the folks. they specialize in nonprofit video production

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  1. See3's Blog post, including slide decks from their presos here: Resources from NTC09 on Video,
    Blogging, and More: http://blog.see3.net/2009/05/04/resources-from-ntc09-on-video-blogging-and-more/

    (I really think these guys were the supastars of the NTC09 conference!)