Thursday, July 2, 2009

awesome free event!

7-16-09 6:30 PM downtown PDX- oldtown
"Interested in how copyright law affects creative work? Itching to write your own version of copyright law? Curious to know how musicians and artists might talk to an entertainment attorney, and vice versa?

Join the UO Portland Library and Learning Commons at 6:30 pm on Thursday, July 16 for “Free Culture: Creating Copyright and Copyrighting Creation,” a lively discussion of copyright and the arts. UO alum and entertainment lawyer Peter Shaver will talk with Portland-based electropop trio YACHT, and will engage the audience in a real-time redraft of copyright law. We’ll also enjoy great local food and great drinks from local brewery New Old Lompoc.

This event is co-sponsored by the UO Portland Library and Learning Commons and UO Academic Affairs. It’s part of a larger series of summer events around themes of creativity, sustainability, and urban culture. To learn more about the series, please visit "

I became familiar with attorney Peter Shaver through my old coworker, friend & all around awesome PDX rocker Todd Morrissey when I really needed help working out the licensing for Tammytown. He was so delightfully un-lawerly and very helpful. And, after working in a law library with big fancy shmancy expensive lawyers who couldn't give a crap about the intellectual property issues of us small time artists, I was very impressed. I tihnk he's the best thing going in Portland for musicians, filmmakers, and most artists in our area.


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