Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Line-Up 2009

Oh man! I love my DVR so much! I feel I really am getting the most out of a season that brings so so so many new shows. The writers' strike definitely had a lasting impact on the refresh cycle, right? Also, it is so nice to see so much less reality TV taking up good prime time space. (Don't get me wrong- I'll be the first to admit- I LOVE Project Runway, and occasionally get sucked into the Biggest Loser...)

So, back to the DVR, and, it's worth mentioning that I also got a brand new, shiny HD TV at the same time! This was a huge deal for me. Even though I've been an admitted lover of television for over a decade, I've never owned a TV that I paid more than $50 for, and I've had the same one for years now- with a broken remote and a strange, intermittent AC hum. I still love that TV. But, I really really love this new one. It's a a Toshiba, and it's fantastic!

Oh right, the DVR. These are the shows I've started to check out this fall:
  • The Soup- I love Joel McHale, and this is a great digest of the week's total crap. 
  • Bones-  I just started getting into this show, and I really enjoy the performances. The stories are pretty formulaic, and I'm creeped out to know it's based on a real woman- Kathy Reichs. The ensemble cast is fantastic, and it is wonderful to watch them work together and make their characters into interesting and lovable people.
  • Mad Men- I don't know why I like Mad Men sometimes. I love Joan. She's interesting and I've never seen anyone like her- male or female- hot or not- that is anything like her.
  • Dollhouse- I hope it doesn't get canceled, but I'm fairly sure it will. I hated this series initially, because Eliza Dushku's performance was just too much for me to take. By the end of the first season, I was loving it, and totally enjoying her development of the character. I've also noticed that they've changed the ditzy and annoying way she says "Did I fall asleep?" this season. Srsly, thank god. It was awful!
  • FlashForward  I've only seen the first episode of this show. It's pretty, has great actors, and a great premise.  In it, everyone on earth blacks out at the exact same time and sees their future for just a few minutes. Unfortunately, the dialogue is painfully bad, and the story construction leaves a lot plot holes and implausible red flags. The actors are good, but struggling with bad material.
  • Life and Times of Tim This is a wonderful and adorable animated show on HBO. It's really funny and simple in a refreshing way. Even though it follows the now typical formula of a selfish guy who gets into trouble and everything is uncomfortable, it is done right. Take notice Larry Daivd! You kind of invented this genre, but you've lost your way and I find your show unwatchable.
  • Leverage Oh man, what a drag this show is not so good, but at least it's fun. Because this show is shot in Portland, and hires my friends, I really really really want it to be good. Unfortunately, it's kind of the A-Team for dummies, and without the fun characters. The dialogue is horrendous, and the plot holes are canyons of stupid. Also, Timothy Hutton looks like a creepy old lesbian with really awful hair. I really hope they tone down his makeup and cut his hair before next season.
  • Warehouse 13 Cute, kinda dumb, but exactly what it promises, and the actors keep surprising me with better performances each episode.  The female characters are strong. This is a good one for when you're falling asleep and want to be lightly entertained in a nerdy way. It's also great for steampunk geeks and general sci-fi dorks.
  • Project Runway This show and Kathy Griffin were the only reason I wanted Bravo. And, now this show is on Lifetime- which has the most annoying TV ads on earth! So, thank god for the DVR and the ability to fast forward through all the crap. Also, the show itself is so filled with product endorsements, I get really bored with the lack of actual content. They do the straight interviews really poorly, but the design work is great to watch.
  • Glee Cute, silly, pretty good. Very light, very trendy & topical writing. Sometimes I get sick of the musical numbers, funny enough. The cast is delightful, and I'll never get too much of the fabulous Jane Lynch!
  • Community Did I mention I love Joel Mchale? I do. I remember him from Almost Live! in Seattle, and it's great to see him taking TV comedyland by storm. This is a fun, smart, original show.
  • Bored to Death OMG, this show bored me too death. It's so fucking precious and ironically humorless. What a waste of some pretty good actors and an HBO time slot! Barf
  • The Office Still going strong, not done with it yet...
  • Heroes Um, getting pretty bored. This show really hasn't been that intriguing since season 1. I save it for when there is really nothing else on.
  • Modern Family This show is adorable! A bit of an Arrested Development knock-off, but really fun characters, plots and bits woven together with a good sense of humor, timing and refreshing sweetness I miss in comedy.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine I'm just getting into this one, too. Mainly because I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes. They're both geniuses that have changed the game in TV for women. Well, so far, it's a pretty good watch! Funny, smart, and the characters are great. It's nice to see such good actors who are obviously in a flow with each other. The show seems to be made with love.
  • Stargate Universe Well, the ads for this already hinted that this is a Stargate series made to look like Battlestar, and once I watched the premiere, I saw how much they're really going for it. True Stargate fans should be disappointed, as well as truer Battlestar fans.  I fit into both of those categories. It was interesting enough, though, and looked good enough, that I will probably watch again. Ultimately, though, it was pretty empty.

Is there anything I'm missing and should be watching? What are your faves this fall?

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