Friday, December 4, 2009


Holla! I'll be at Crafty Wonderland AND Handmade Bazaar next weekend- selling my goods and being surrounded by a bajillion lovely handmade things by other craft artsits! If you're in the 5-0-3, these are the places to be!

✂ Handmade Bazaar ✂
Saturday, December 12th
@ Mississippi Studios
3939 N Mississippi Ave.

❉ Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale ❉
Sunday December 13th 11am-7pm
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Hall D
❉200+ vendors, crafty workshops & goodie bags to the first 200 shoppers!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Unfriendly Skies of United Airlines!

Several years ago, I nursed a United Airlines wound when they refused to honor my 9/11 ticket. I was supposed to go to Boston on that day, and United told me that I'd have a mulligan for life. A couple of years later, they told me they had changed their system and deleted any record of it. And, ultimately it was my fault for not going to Boston sooner. (Incidentally, haven't been back there since 2000.)

So, I avoided flying with them. I so regret not taking Frontier when I went to Nashville! Earlier this week, I was left, with several other passengers, stranded at O'Hare airport over night, with no assistance from customer service. In fact, we received insults and I really thought they were going to yawn while talking to us. They almost mimed boredom and apathy.

Basically, what happened to us is:
  • Our flight from Nashville to O'Hare was running late
  • no one at United made any attempt to to help customers get from one gate to another (it was the
    same airline both flights)
  • In fact, gate crew told us to "run for it" when it was already too late
  • no one at United even tried to contact gates for connecting flights
  • We missed the doors closing by 3 minutes- and the flight left early (In fact, it arrived early in PDX that night!)
  • it was speculated that the flight left early becuase there were a lot of employees flying stand-by
  • customer service reps told us to shut up and move along after denying us help with hotel, meals and even denied overnight toiletry bags
  • some customers were offered flight vouchers, first-class upgrades and miles, others, including myself were offered nothing!
  • United desk agents tried to cajole us into booking later flights than the first one out the next day
I tweeted my pain, called one of my best friends in the world who happens to live in Chicago, and bid farewell for the evening to my fellow strandees that would be sleeping in the airport, or maybe staring angrily at United employees!

I have lost a full day's wages due to this, missed meetings and scheduled time prepping for my craft sales, and had to pay ground travel, lodging, and meals for that night in Chicago. It was only made worse by the poor customer care I received. I wasn't even treated well on the flight that I finally made home! I feel overwhelmingly wronged, and I feel very strongly that United Airlines needs to extend an apology to me and my fellow strandees as well as some sort of compensation. I am not naive enough to ask for cash- I know full well that many of these policies and poor customer service experiences are related to the poor economic state of the airlines. I never even received any form of apology- not even a fake one from the horribly rude employees!

So, I wrote them an email (they have no option to speak to people in person anymore) and hope to hear back from them. I'm not holding my breath after looking around the internet at other people's grief!

And, is it just because I re-read Asimov's  Foundation, or is it true that the airlines are backsliding into barbarism? United- you are the harbinger of the decline of society!!!

if you tweet, please send @untiedairlines a message like : hey @unitedairlines, please apologize to my friend @superphoebe for bad service when you stranded her at O'Hare!

Update- thanks for this Lauree- LOLz!

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