Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cool New Tool for Cancer Patients

Looks like I can be proud of my dear friend Marika aka "sn0tty" for getting involved with the fight against cancer. Marika recently turned me on to a pretty cool new resource she's put some of her great energy into called Navigating Cancer.

Navigating Cancer provides essential cancer-related information from authoritative sources to help patients learn about their options once diagnosed, and tools for patients to partner with their physicians, allowing them to be more in control of their cancer treatment and care. Navigating Cancer also provides a forum for patients to connect with other cancer patients to learn and share from their experiences, ask for help when needed and keep loved ones updated on their journey.

As a librarian and web geek, I am always thrilled to see companies and organizations creating resources that decrease information disparity. As a human with a history of health issues, I'm really glad to see a resource that aims to empower patients- focusing on care and best practices. I was really impressed by how easy and user-friendly the patient dashboard is. I think this would have really been great to have many years back when I was misdiagnosed with MS. (F.U. big Wa state HMO- you know who you are!)

It's unclear exactly how this company/site is monetized and what the for/nonprofit status is. It seems to be a lot more user friendly than Google Health--which offers some of the same services. It promises to be more like wiki communities and vaguely reminds me of ediets before that site ditched its own user-friendliness for crazy design and overcrowded adspace. But, it looks like a promising front runner for what is sure to be a growing sector of the semantic web.

Check it out, tell me what you think and see what you can do to support those you love, or like, with cancer.

And, read about Marika's thoughts on being an online community manager here. As the resident tender of the connectipedia garden, I can really really empathize!


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  1. Thank you so much for spreading awareness about our website! I appreciate the perspective - you're awesome!

    I can't believe you were misdiagnosed with M.S. Sounds like the same HMO I'm familiar with. :)

    PS: Love connectipedia.