Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is the Blood Drying in Haiti?

I saw this tweet last night right after seeing the Mercy Corps volunteers working the front entry to the Oregon Symphony last night, and right after getting a direct message from a friend asking advice about how her school group can volunteer locally to help out with Haiti. So, from my perspective here in Portland, the voluntary sector and nonprofit community is still abuzz with concern. But, what is going on with the rest of the world? What is going on in Haiti?

Seems that conversations have shifted to the difficult topics of colonialism, control, slow aid and politics while thousands still clamor for tents to sleep in and water to drink! Check out the trending on twitter.

Working the phones for Medical Teams International gave me an interesting view of how people in the US are connecting to the crisis. I was surprised by how many people wanted to be sent to Haiti, and stunned by how many inexperienced, even non-medical people called in angrily demanding to be sent to the disaster area! But, as frustrating as it is for nonprofits to spare extra expense to take those phone calls, it was also a reflection of how helpless so many people feel- watching this trauma unfold and not knowing what fate will befall Haiti.

Read more about our day of service at Medical Teams International (that continued through the weekend) at my coworker's blogs here:
Marie Deatherage: http://omaried.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/a-day-for-helping-haiti-we-need-an-app-for-that/
Grant Kruger: http://thirdworld.livejournal.com/258680.html

Here's hoping Haiti's fate isn't decided in the next two weeks, and here's hoping the Haitians get the food, water and shelter they should have.

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