Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my heart is breaking for Haiti right now

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Unless you've been in hiding or too wrapped up in all that late night teevee BS, you know Haiti has suffered a horrible earthquake with a tremendous loss of lives and horror for about 3 million people. Like most of the people watching, helpless, I looked for ways to respond this morning- wondering- could I give at least $50 and get by on the remaining fumes left in my checking account until payday... is endorsing the mobile giving program to the Red Cross, and it is set up by an org called mGive, which is waiving the usual fees for all donations. if you have never given by SMS
message, there are some things to know (like you have to tell them to stop texting you alerts and updates)- read the fine print here:

Mercy Corps is also endorsed by the Govt. but is asking that donations be given online. All proceeds- 100% go directly to relief! Mercy Corps is incredibly nimble and resourceful. This is where some of my cash is going.

I will be spending the day volunteering for Medical Teams International tomorrow- and I've asked my employer to expedite matching funds for my volunteer time. If your employer matches funds for time or cash, please ask them
to expedite the match!

NPO superstar Britt Bravo has compiled a roundup up ways to give here:

Furthermore, Etsy artists like myself and Ryan Berkley are marking items to go to Haitian relief. So, you can buy art and support folks, why wouldn't you? A simple search using the term "Haiti" on etsy returns pages of results. Be sure to ask the seller to email you his/her donation confirmation. This seems like a really good way to put some art where my mouth is, in lieu of money!

Do you have more ideas and ways to make us all feel a little less helpless? What do you think about emergency response and the internet?

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  1. Thanks for posting this round-up Phoebe! I'd also encourage you and others to get the word out that Ushahidi have adapted their platform to serve those in and trying to help in Haiti: