Monday, June 21, 2010

Brithday Cake by Lauren

Brithday Cake by Lauren, originally uploaded by superphoebe.
Check out this amazing surprise from my friend Lauren. If you are wondering WTF?, then go over to for some reference. You should laugh until you cry, if you're human.


Jen & Phoebe were here, originally uploaded by superphoebe.

What a wonderful weekend!

Jen Davison and I ventured up to Olympia for the day on Saturday to see Jenny Jenkins and Aaron Kruse get married after 13 years of courting, dating, fighting, loving, and becoming BFFs among other events and experiences. It was a lovely, charming wedding with lots of fun and laffs. Jen and also made sure to leave behind some evidence of our visit to Oly, as seen in this image- proving that not much has changed over the past decade and a half since we first made fliers together in Olympia for one shenanigan or another!