Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Years of Blogging- what?!

Ten years and three days ago, I wrote my first blog entry. I didn't know they were called blogs at all. Not sure the term had been coined yet. Susan Ploetz had just returned from one of her many exciting and exotic trips around the world and said: "Everyone is keeping diaries online, it's cool. You should do that."

So, I got myself on Livejournal and started documenting my ups and downs of making Tammytown, which I continued to do spottily all the way through 2008- overlapping with this here blog. Reading those posts from back then is kind of embarrassing, heartening, fun and silly. You can see the internet was a different thing (at least to me) just ten years ago. I certainly wasn't as "branded" as I am now. None of us were. There weren't blogs about blogging and how to do it. Uploading photos was either impossible or really hard to do, too. But Livejournal was f*cking awesome and fun to use from my hot pink, er strawberry, iMac!

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  1. That is so cool! I love your stawberry friend had one just like it. So I read your first blog and clicked on the tammytown link but it didn't work. I cried. :)