Thursday, November 29, 2012

Diary of a misfit- A Documentary that Matters!

Diary of a Misfit: The Roy Hudgins Documentary Project is a film by local Portlandians Casey Parks and Aubree Bernier-Clarke. They've been traveling to and shooting in rural Louisiana for the past three years. They are getting close to finishing the film, and they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to pay for our last couple of shooting trips and record a score for the movie.
This is a film about Roy Hudgins, an enigmatic figure who lived in Delhi, Louisiana, from the 1920s until the early 2000s. People in town have different stories about Roy: Roy was kidnapped, was left in a shoebox on the church steps, was a "morphodite." Roy was an outcast, a musician, a good Christian and a yard mower. Roy passed away in 2006, leaving behind no living relatives (that we are aware of), and relatively no paper trail. We've spent three years making in-roads in Roy's community, following leads and tracking down what records do exist. At this point we've discovered a lot about Roy and the town of Delhi, but we have more questions than answers about the facts of Roy's life. Raising the money to spend more time in rural Louisiana will help us close that gap. As much a commentary on our entire culture in the United States as a biography of both a fascinating individual and a town, I feel like this is a story that really matters. As our society changes and grows, as bigots age and die off, we must learn about and honor the pioneers of change, even if their great revolution was just to live their lives as truly as humanly possible wherever they were. I'm fascinated and by this story in the tidbits it currently exists as. Please consider joining me in supporting these filmmakers to make it as whole as possible.