Sunday, January 27, 2013

UnFuck My Gut

 I'm segregating out all of these GAPS diet, recipes and food posts to a TUMBLR called UnFuckMyGut. The name is an homage to two groups of people- the Brits I worked with years ago that always used the term "unfuck" to my unending delight, and then mainly to the group writing one of my absolute favorite tumblrs: Unfuck Your Habitat

UFYH, which provides inspirational tweets, advice, and delightful dirty-mouth prodding is perhaps the most useful tumblr in existence. Sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'll pop over there and get an idea about how and where in my house to refocus.

One of the notable, and wonderful, changes to my behavior since going grain free is that I want to clean up my physical spaces all of the time. It's more than just having better and more any energy. It's a psychological shift. It felt as if it emerged, after lying dormant for most of my life!I had read someone else saying they'd had a similar experience- for her it was an extreme desire to get rid of excess junk. She felt compelled to lose weight not only from her body but also from her life and house.

Anyway, go fucking read my new tumblr!

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